The Future's So Bright It Berns!

by Various Artists

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Nathan_is_happening Support the Bern AND get 36 tracks across many genres? It's a win-win. Hat-tip to Dillon for finding it first. Favorite track: Son Step - Pink Knit.
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Indielist I am a firm believer that Bernie is the kind of guy that you would pick up the check for lunch, if given the chance. I mean, I would even sneak off to pay the bill if I had to.

This compilation is filled with outstanding offerings of originals, covers, and demos. It's great to listen to while you register to vote in your state's primary election. He won't get where we need him unless we show up.

But seriously, buy that dude a sandwich if you can. Favorite track: Bodies Of - Jed the Humanoid (Grandaddy Cover).
Dillon Ethier
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Dillon Ethier An honest man is within striking distance of the White House for the first time since George McGovern. This is our chance.

Something here for everyone, quite a variety, check it out.

If Bernie's not your thing maybe this will please you: Favorite track: NO SIR E - bigbern.
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A year ago, I found myself employed by a FOX News affiliated program, which was just as upsetting as you might imagine it would be. While literally being the realized nightmare of every arts college graduate the world over, I’m glad I had the job for one important reason: being on the other side of the screen in a news workplace, you are able to see the mechanisms used to color information. Here, you have access to raw information, before stories are presented without fact-checking or concern, and before they are spun into endless thinkpieces that only further obfuscate the truth. With this knowledge of the methods used to push an agenda or a bias, I’ve found myself very lucky with regards to spotting the sensational, and being able to do proper research before I am enticed to hop aboard the day’s clickbait.

Bernie Sanders checks out.

This is a man who, since the beginning of his political aspirations in the 1960s, has constantly and consistently been on the right side of history. Sanders is a champion of the people, a man who cannot be bought, and a skilled politician who fights injustice with tenacity. It’s exciting to come of age in a time where, in a sea of candidates who’ve made a career of smiling in all the right photos or saying the most outlandish things to cull airtime, Senator Sanders continues to stick to the issues that are important to his personal ideology, and to the future of the American people.

As a musician, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the Bernie Sanders campaign is the most representative of us. In comparison to other candidates, his efforts seem more focused towards an intersectional society, and a society in which those who have been dealt an unfair hand can be lifted up, and be able to access their potential. That’s the kind of America I’d like to live in, and I am thankful to Senator Sanders for the work that he has done to rise to the occasion during this very important turning point in history.

My sincere thanks to everyone who helped make this compilation a reality on such short notice. All proceeds and donations raised from this release will be sent directly to the Sanders 2016 campaign. Feel The Bern!



released January 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Rock 4 Bernie Burlington, Vermont

Compiled as a benefit for the Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign.

[We are not affiliated in any way with the Sanders 2016 campaign!!! Just big ol' fans :) ]

100% of funds collected from this compilation will go directly towards the Sanders campaign efforts.

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Track Name: The One-Handed Bandits - Centralia
Drove for three and a half hours to a town from hell
Only to find torrential rains and paths littered with shotgun shells
Get back in the car cause we’re going pretty far tonight to get back home
We planned to spend the night but nothing is going right so let’s pile in and head out on the road

Drove for three and a half hours in the Dangermobile
Nothing to keep us moving on except gasoline and time to kill
Driving away from aspirations, leaving hopes behind
The day didn’t go exactly how we wanted but somehow I don’t mind because
Centralia, Pennsylvania, you’re the last thing on my mind right now
Centrailia, Pennsylvania, my friends are all I need right now

Went back home for three months on summer break
Only to find that calling you my friends was a big mistake
Deserted, left uncertain of how this came to be
Middle finger raised up from my hands and screaming from my knees I say
Centralia, Pennsylvania, you’re the last thing on my mind right now
Centralia, Pennsylvania, my friends burnt the whole town to the ground

Sitting at home, thinking about those fucking kids
Screaming at the wall and blaming you for all the things you did to me
Then I start to feel bad and start to think maybe you deserve a second chance
Call you up again and start to make plans, we’ll have our one last dance because
Centralia, Pennsylvania, you’re the last thing on my mind right now x3
Centralia, Pennsylvania, my friends and I rebuild somehow
Track Name: Long Neck - Nope [Demo]
cigarettes and rain, all fun and games
this night's what i knew i'd need, you are what i thought i'd need
all things must pass, it's called the weekend for that
last week was a good week, don't think this'll be a good week

kept telling myself "when i'm drunk i'll put my head right on your shoulder"
we were asking ourselves "will we have anyone when we get older?"
spent all sunday trying not to cry
just was wishing you were by my side

thought i was in the clear, no nerves no fear
i tried being my own best company, after a week it got too lonely
she's so pretty, looks nothing like me
thought i was getting better, don't think i'm getting better

kept telling myself "when i'm drunk i'll put my head right on your shoulder"
we were asking ourselves "will we have anyone when we get older?"
spent all sunday trying not to cry
just was wishing you were by my side

every empty space, every smiling face, every breath that's pained, every coffee grain
when i curl into a ball
when i stop myself from calling you
every time you see what you mean to me, every stupid dream, every secret scheme
you won't be knocking on my door
i'll just be here on the floor

start telling myself "when i'm drunk i won't put my head on your shoulder"
quit telling ourselves "none of this will matter when we get older"
even if i can't put it all aside,
i'll always be happy you are in my life